Monday - Saturday: 9 am - 3pm

About The Chestnut Tree

In 1994, my mother and I began a journey; never knowing that the trip would take us through so many changes. We started with a one page menu and seven tables. It has evolved into 30 tables and a changed menu. Growth can sometimes be a wonderful, painful business.

This was a family affair from the beginning. My mother, Betty and I were business partners, my sister Glynda was the resident chef, her daughters Tiffany and Stacey, helped set up the shop, my husband, Richard is the resident plumber and electrician and my lovely daughter, Erin, hung out and drew pictures.

The doors opened in June of 1994. There was an antique store at the front and the tea room in the back. Over the years it has evolved into a full service restaurant. Every day we open the doors, it is a learning experience. We have seen many of our wonderful loyal customers come and go, but all of them are friends to be cherished. The most enjoyable and rewarding part of this business is the fabulous people we have met.

We thank our gracious customers for making our business so successful.

– Owner, Valeree Clegg